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Parents can place requests for MCI Teachers for home lessons anywhere...

MCI Teachers Can also Be Invited for 2, 3 or 5 days Maths Camp in a School.

Testimonies From SS3 students of

 Federal Govt Girls College, Kabba, Nigeria about the MCI Camp which took place in their school.

When our Principal first brought the idea of bringing Maths Clinic International to our School for us I was wondering who was sick in mathematics. This is because most of us thought that we were good in the Subject only that we were not so smart in it.

By the time MCI came, they covered topics no other teacher can teach within a short period of one week and every student will understand.


Miraculously, most students understood more than the 15 topics that were treated in just five days. No one can ever believe that Maths Clinic International could break down the toughest Subject of students into pieces of cakes for them by the use of different methods such as stories, videos, games and songs.

Even the Art students in my school never thought that Maths could be so interesting. Of course, during the programme, there were a lot of assignments. That was when I knew that my classmates could be so serious with Maths.


They made sure they did the assignments before the next day. I enjoyed the programme and am really happy that my Principal brought the Maths Clinic International Consultants to my school.


If I should write what I gained and express my gratitude, this paper would be filled up and I would need more to write on. Thank you MCI. From BELLO O LATIFAT, SS3

     The mode of teaching.

When our Principal told us that we were going to have maths clinic for a week everybody shouted saying that it might not be interesting but when you came you changed the negative mind of SS3 students about Mathematics.

I liked the mode of teaching using stories, songs and games. The way you interacted with the students made us feel free to tell you our problems in mathematics.


One of the most important thing I observed was the patience of the Leader of the Maths Clinic people, without this patience we wouldn’t have moved forward. Thank you for revealing the keys of maths to us. From KUTEMI ANAVAMI HAFIZAT.


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  Assignments given were too much.

I love the MCI programme because their work is orderly, interesting and understand.


At first, I disliked the fact that the assignments we were given were too much but I got used to it and later I discovered that to become a better person in life one needs to work very hard, so I don’t dislike that any more.


I really gained a lot from the programme academically and morally. ABDULAZEEZ MARIAN.


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